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Magyk Carousel

A Magical & Mythical Fanfiction Community

Magical Carousel
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A Community for Magical and Mythical Slash Fanfiction

Welcome to Magyk Carousel

Welcome to Magyk Carousel, the community that caters to magical and mythical boy x boy fanfiction. You are welcome to join, no pressure on joining events or posting fiction, but you are expected to follow these rules.

Should you decide to cross-post your fics, you should check this post out.

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The community was created on 2009 by zawie. The first generation moderators were zawie and l_ai_l, and now, second generation moderators are handling the community: akihikaru and bianca747. Get to know them and introduce yourself to the community, while you're at it~

This community may contain scenes and topics not suitable for very young audiences. By joining and entering this community, the reader assumes all the responsibilities for content that he / she may view.

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